Seoul Day 3

Photos by Me, Ranie, and my Mom
And here is our third (and last day). Just the National Museum for a crash course on Korea history, and Itaewon for a fast brunch and round of pasalubong shopping (Kpop CDs included yes) before we went home. The National Museum is free and worth it as an extra stop / free day itinerary because you’ll pretty much learn everything there (or is it just us museum nerds). Sorry for all the annoying possum poses, I didn’t intend it to look like that but the sprawling, peaceful exteriors of the museum were begging for it. Itaewon was less crazier than Myeongdong, although merchandise wise it wasn’t as eye-sparkle inducing… but oh! The pubs and the bars. Such an exciting place probably at night, but our meal at Les Deux Plats was simply terrific already (posted on Instagram and see that photo of a white corridor up there, that was where it was at). So yeah, this was pretty much my first Seoul experience. I know there is a glaring lack of KTV and proper cinema but hey, I can go back. We can go back. I love you Seoul. 
And then when we got back home, I learned that during our 2nd day North Korea had ceased its non-aggression pacts with South… they could have attacked while we were there. That was a scary thought, but I was such an oblivious tourist.
Hope you enjoyed these photos! Along with the two previous entries. I’ll also be posting more shots on my Instagram as long as I feel like it.

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