Feels Like -6

Photo by Ranie
Trying to edit photos downloaded off Ranie’s Facebook was just not cutting it, so I guess I’m just posting one photo now to bring some semblance of decent update to this blog! I spent the weekend in Seoul with my Mama and aforementioned R thanks to providence and a string of wonderful miracles… it was wonderful and just too bitin. I didn’t have my camera, are you still really surprised? Work beckons tonight (I apparently left a truckload behind T_T) and I have to figure out overnight how to bring my skin back to a level of moisture which I never even realized it had until cold pre-spring Korean wind gusts dried it out. Umm first world problems much. Anyway, this is probably what I’ll keep working for… being broke at intervals but loaded with memories I never planned to possess at this point in my life. To be a poor gypsy or a slightly successful city gal? I don’t know. Can’t really mull it over, I need to prepare outlines for a 9am meeting bukas. So there!
I quite enjoyed our trip thanks to some great tips from people so I think I’ll try to return the favor and pay it forward by making a decent post. Granted it’s not even my level of experience (that’s my friends Millie’s and Mark’s definitely) but I guess given the mundanity of my actual everyday life I really have no other alternative post options. Haha why am I writing out such a long useless caption. Bye now really!

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