BAQ Conference | Hong Kong December 2012

I thought I’d share some more random photos from a brief HK trip I took last December 4-6. It was for work, so no Disney or sights this time! But it was so cold… and the shopping was still fantastic. And I was with the most awesome people so I still had 100% fun. 🙂
Had a big breakfast at the airport before our flight!

It was so foggy when we touched down! My tights felt a little warm in Manila, I’m glad I listened to Rhea and brought warm things for my legs.
Believe it or not, I didn’t get to try street food the last time I was here. Glad to have done several rounds of yummy and warm hawker food on this stay! This one is sausages and something like Takoyaki.
Curled my hair for the event day. And WOW it stayed on all day. That never happens in humid Manila! *urban jealous*
HK Polytechnic University’s logo, in reverse view.


Jake with our super efficient and helpful Tech assistant. I was impressed with the Poly kids (where BAQ conference was held), they all talk fast and seem really angry (haha) but they get the work done, super fast, super well.


Big sigh after the presentation! This was for a local environment organization. Rhea’s team (me included) helped with the script, AV materials, and running the show. So no pics during my hand was poised on the laptop and reading the script / flow carefully!


I didn’t have my G12 with my because it was on repair and I brought my old powershot… AND THEN PROMPTLY DROPPED IT HARD on MONGKOK’S STREET. FML My mom loves that camera and … I broke it. So this is the only decent food shot I have. Pasta which was not even mine.


Of course we didn’t go home without doing some night market shopping. We stayed in the Tsim Sha Tsui area and although it was fantastic to window shop there, Mongkok was still where we did lots of our shopping. The exchange rate during this month was better than last time – – so I kinda was very happy (and also consequently broke right now hahahaha).
January is well underway and this month it’s gonna be all about work work work! But I can start it right… doing my church’s annual fasting right now (as this post goes live, although I’m creating it in advance because I’ll be off my internet crutches all week!). Thursday is the 2nd to the last day so I’ll probably be cranky but excited for tomorrow (haha), but I’m excited to do this for God, for myself, for my plans.

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