December Weddings: Details, II

Rio gets a solo shot. Haha.
Just before the year 2012 ended my college bloc-mate Jackie married her man Michael. Their solemn church ceremony was at Taal Basilica (I’ve been here for two summers, so nice to be back) and I along with some of our batch mates made the day trip to be with her on her special day. It was a rainy day but the warmth of their love made everything sunny and bright indoors.
Jackie turned her bouquet-throwing tradition into a stop-music relay and I ended up with it at the last round… I thought she was gonna call me out but thank goodness Jaq mentioned the twist at the last minute haha.
And that makes it three weddings that I attended this year. And I have another one next month. Seems like that time for my peers. Haha. *oblivious*
And now the outfit!
Ora dress (matched her yellow / gold theme unwittingly, also, decided against lace and heels because I commuted to Batangas. Good enough, breezy fun). I’m turning more and more back into a basic dresser and maybe that will define the next direction of all this online whatever-ing… 🙂


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