Nightwood by Valeria Cavestany and Christina Quisumbing Ramilo

Here is another gallery post of a beautiful exhibit that is currently live at Whitespace. I have 30 pictures but I promise waiting for everything to be load is worth it, unless you plan on visiting it yourself.

Arranged to resemble a walk through a forest, Nightwood felt like recalling a series of vivid nightmares (or warped memories) in a bright, hot afternoon. The effect is no less creepy and about ten times more fascinating. Old materials take the shape of strange forms, like discarded memories that you though you’ve forgotten but still surface in the most unexpected moments. I probably make little sense but a better blurb is in place here at Manila Contemporary’s official site.
Cannot leave without a timer shot of course. In my shoot uniform of black and DMs… we were shooting in Alphaland and wrapped early hence the spontaneous decision to go along Pasong Tamo and see what I can find along its gallery row.
Please click the category “art” at the bottom of my blog to see past exhibits / museums that I’ve visited.

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