December Weddings: Details, I

Pardon the hasty generalization but it seems that people around me are getting married left and right. Our college batch had its 3rd union just last week, but before that was this – the union of two people I love from work, JayR and Val. I adored their pink-and-black motif, and that everyone from Solar showed up dressed pretty nifty, but most of all, it was so inspiring to see these two so happy, so excited, so centered on God, and so in love. Best Wishes and here’s to rockstar babies!
And now, the outfit:
Photo by Rai Clemente
{Cotton On Dress, Accessorize necklace, A’postrophe robot ring, Doc Martens}

I wore white and combat boots to wedding, *gasp*. BUT the dress code said white and black and it was raining and this was a garden wedding so I thought, OK, let’s do rockstar. Carried it off naman hehe. Came in all curled up and such for fun too. Thought spending would yield good results and didn’t do it myself, unfortunately.

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