#everyday. or stuff which I forgot.

I think next year, I want to consolidate my online presence. Like have one place for everything… #random
The following are “singles” i.e. stuff from stuff whose entirety I won’t really post on this blog, and which for some reason I haven’t gotten around to batch uploading on facebook either (‘cos it’s becoming less and less essential seeing as Instagram is teaching us that, yeah, one photo with hashtags per “important event” shall suffice). Just cannot pass up the opportunity to show you my eyebags progression. Yeap.
Had hair and makeup done for Val and JayR’s wedding. Didn’t like it too much, also my hair smelled quite burnt for a few days after this.
I wore the KL skirt to our laidback anniversary dinner.
One racket night… Oxgen top.
One working day. Love this sweater, it’s almost begging to be called a uniform for shoots. Shay Mitchell was so fun to interview! She was all bubbly and talkative and nice. I love her.
House party. Pambahay+Gold, let’s dig?
Brainstorming before closing shop for Christmas. Such a familiar combo… I now realize I have about 3 denim shirts in my closet and I don’t think that’s gonna be the final number.
I was sort of thinking of making a year-end wrap up post but I don’t think I may get around to doing that anymore… so this must be it. Or not. Let’s see my procrastination tendencies by Sunday. Also why am I not sleeping yet? It’s 12:20 and I have to be on a bus by 7am to commute to a Batangas wedding. Why is everyone getting married. Why am I broke, again. Why do I pretend to hate blogging like this but I’m still at it after more than four years!
But yes, I need to consolidate everything. Maybe instead of compartmentalizing in different URLs I need just one site that’s like, oh, this is Krista. For posterity and lulz if for nothing else… Anyone willing to help me out? 🙂

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