Forests and Night Fires

I love you, UPLB. Forever. Going back will always be like a tall drink of ice cold water on a sweltering summer day.
Canopies and looming branches are such a UPLB given and now I legitimately miss them, seeing as here in the city, I wade through canopies of smoke, MRTs, electrical wires, and skyscrapers on a nightly basis. I think both have their beauty, but I think deep down in my heart I will always long for a languid, do-nothing Sunday under the shade of a rain tree; versus LED trippiness. But that’s not to say that all the holiday-inspired excess do not cheer me up. I am thankful to be in a country who hangs on to Christmas as if happiness can be manufactured, and conjured; at least I think we haven’t given up on finding joy and that’s what counts. December has been winding down into a pretty awesome state. Haven’t been as busy as I’d feared and it just might be one twinkle short of perfect. Prayers of hope and resilience for everyone else being sent out from my heart (also am doing / donating what I can).

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