The New Glorietta Vibe

Screencap from HERE
Thanks to Melai and AVA Philippines, I got to do several can’t-believe things in one night:
a) Be part of a world record;
b) actually walk in a runway!
I actually remember being in Glorietta with my family on the actual day that the explosion happened, years back – but we were already in Cubao, headed home, when the explosion happened. True Story. For a long time “G2” was closed down, but now it’s finally back with a new vibe – fresh shops, fresh feel, and just a new bright and airy experience to our good old Makati malling! And to launch that new wing AVA and Glorietta staged a fashion show – but it’s not just a fashion show, it aimed to be the BIGGEST – not just in the Philippines, but in the world!
We were told to leave our gadgets inside the F&H dressing rooms but would you believe that up there, my 7.7 inch tablet was tucked into my blazer?! Haha! Came in handy since we waited for quite a while before our turn, so I got to read, communicate with Ranie, and so on. And also, that’s why I was able to take these BTS shots!
Here’s Melai with Carvey, one of her other readers (and from what I gather a design student and quite the fashion fiend. Nice to have met you!)
And here’s me with Melai! I’m working with some of her college friends now – – sana kami naman magkatrabaho soon. Hehe. Also a clear shot of what I wore. We were told to wear our own stuff to fit the Holiday mood so I just brought along the most sparkly thing I believe I own and my highest, most stable shoes (would not risk tripping on the ramp!).  Was originally planning to wear this leather jacket but when I noticed that a LOT of people were wearing black leather jackets too… I switched. (Also I needed a bigger pocket for my aforementioned Tab haha). Melai is wearing F&H!
At the backstage / holding area. Mega antay, chika, and HUNGER. We were also on the fifth ramp with pretty sisters Vern and Verniece. And cute nila talaga.
Carvey’s seriously sparkly and spiked bling! Kabog.
Here’s what the queue behind the stage looked like! Kagulo. But everyone – models and “average” people alike – were just excited and in a good mood. Anube, we’re all breaking the world record for biggest fashion show! 🙂
Of course by now everyone knows that we broke the world record! That day it was kinda hard to feel the hype (what with, you know, worrying about your things, the time, and other kinks), but right now I feel really happy that I was a part of this thing. Dubious achievement or not it still will make a great story for the grandkids.

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