Patio Vera

Photos by the mutto Ranie
Last week Ranie and I had a simple but still quite fancy dinner at Patio Vera – to celebrate our 5th anniversary (surprise surprise!). We are both so caught up in work and since my last freelance job was also for their exhibit we were together 24/7 for about 2 weeks and also we both suck at grand gestures so anything mushy and planned was out of the question. Anyway, the place was chosen out of convenience (this is in Marikina) and it worked to our advantage – it was private and garden-like and pretty and laden with antiques at some corners which put us in quite a perfect mood. This night was balmy and gorgeous and we were stuffed but even that was cut short as I had to fly to Hong Kong early the next morning.
I tried to up the ante and got him red DMs – but they ended up being 1cm too small for him. Maybe you’d like to buy it instead.

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