The Slate Planner 2013

Because I am such a scatter-brained, tunnel-vision prone girl (no really), I need a planner to help me remember important appointments and to-do’s. Numbering tasks also help me prioritize which things to finish first, and before, when I had colorful Candy planners back in high school, they were also slumbooks / mood boards.
I’ve been using a no-fuss Moleskine for two years now and I’ve loved it but I was given this new planner by Slate, and I realized that I’ve badly needed to put color and inspiration back into my daily to-do writing! There’s a certain art and therapy to having a semblance of control over what happens in your life – even if it’s just for the two minutes you spend writing down your daily itinerary. Tama ba?
Anyway, whether you’re into philosophizing your schedule or not, you’ll love the Slate Planner. Here’s a peek into what’s inside this year:
There are two covers available this year, the plain black regular one (classic!) and this one – the special editon teal / printed cover. Roughly the size of a regular hardbound notebook. The cover is sturdy (although I wish it were wrapped in a more durable cover since I know this matte one would chip away a bit eventually). The pages are thick and they smell like new books – so lovely.

Two page spreads dedicated to each week! All the better for week-long organizing.

It’s not just your typical book of days – there are lots of pages detailing  encouraging ideas and places (virtual or otherwise) that you could visit and plan for to get those creative juices flowing.

Pretty artwork from local and international artists too! Just because.

Trivia! I had to keep myself from reading through the whole planner so I could still be surprised with random info bits throughout 2013.

Here’s my favorite idea: “tabula rasa” pages where you can let loose and doodle away.

A planner should have a bucket list too!
The Slate Planners will be available in select bookstores soon but if you wanna order it online (or just learn more about it), you can visit their website and Facebook page!

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