Grey Gardens

Cardigan, Mum’s | cropped tank from the UP coop | thrifted and DIYed shorts (hello frayed hems! fresh from the butchering floor) | Divi skull necklace and socks | SM bag and brogues
I can’t exactly say it’s out of un-inspiration or laziness. But it was a pretty somber day if I remember correctly (I mean, I think I was puyat.  I mean I know I was puyat – look at that face). Plus it was raining so I needed to cosy up. And those two factors together called for something… somber. So I decided to wear everything in near-boring matchiness in this photo from about three weeks back. 
But I think, in hindsight, it was a comfort. This is low-low dressing since there’s nary a “sosyal” item in sight (wait, when did I ever do sosyal again?!) and sometimes that’s the best thing. To not give a f*ck then regret it when you remember that you want to update imaginary stalkers about your sartorial obsessions then just console yourself with saying to not give a f*ck is the point (but by ending this post in this sentence, do yourself in by revealing, yes, you do give an f).


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