Hardly post food photos on this blog, this is one of those chance instances when I actually get to take decent pictures of a dish I enjoyed before I could wolf it down (usually the case is that hunger trumps posterity and everything is in my tummy before I realize that I’d wanna talk about this to other people and show evidence next time…). Also, porcine stencil artwork always deserve a singular post.
We were at Nomama last night, where the ramen is artisanal (and seriously good and filling and warm). Also their tonkatsu… but the novelty for me was the soft shell crab, tasty and done just right to warrant delight (I mean how many times have I ended up frustrated with a half-eated crab because my extraction skills suck) and dribbled with buttermilk to please, please, please and thank you. Happy tummy. Even happier with my company that night – an in-town Ranie (I am thankful to spend nights with him as he’ll be shuttling across cities in the coming weeks) and a nearby-working Rupert (as we walked about the weekend-less nature of our jobs). I am currently at a shoot as I am typing this description (only being able to do so because the pretty Shai of Lovechic is doing team captain duties for this afternoon shoot whilst I spent the morning giving marching orders to macarons – yup). But I am more than happy to be spending a sunny Saturday doing something I love. I can’t be more thankful, really.

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