Tendence Fantasy Launch at Prive

In a very rare turn, I found myself in an exclusive launch for the Tendence Fantasy watch line. And I also found myself up for an extra three hours just now, editing a quick video blog for it. I’ve been trying to get the hang of making more videos lately because a) my new laptop can now render videos faster so it’s a shame not to abuse it; b) I’m producing more location-based segments so I thought I’d do some “practicing” for my “eye” (whatever that means) and c) sometimes I just really miss my merch producer days, editing plugs day in and day out. It’s a hardwired thing, it really is.

Anyways, I just arranged everything in chronological order and I hope you enjoy it. The theme of the party was “neon” hence all the black light goodness. I was so busy doing “artista watch” and filming the bloggers that I forgot to get decent outfit shots *looks for event photos on the Tendence page*. But enough about my dweeb moments and more on the actual star of the night…

Tendence toutes itself as the newest “party watch” – durable make, bright neon colors, and the iconic larger-than-life dials which turn telling time into a style statement. There are eight colors available now in the Philippines, with four more styles to be rolled out next month.

All the yummy colors. I’d love to have one in brown or bright blue. SRP is PHP 9,950.

I went to Prive by myself so I was glad that Paul, Lana, and Lissa and our other companion (whose name eludes me now WAH) were extra nice and saved me from a Perks of Being a Wallflower prom scene type of moment.

If your next tendency is to get a Tendence Fantasy (lame, Krista, lame), the watch is now available in the ff. stores:

  • Wrist Pod The Fort
  • Wrist Pod Power Plant
  • Wrist Pod Megamall
  • Swiss Gear North Edsa
  • Swiss Gear Greenbelt 1

And, you can also visit the official Tendence Fan Page on Facebook.

No, seriously, you have to watch the video. It’s less than two minutes and Divine Lee and Yael Yuzon are in there somewhere. 🙂


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