Leg Art

Uniqlo top | Jansport backpack | Elise leggings | Chuck Taylors
I am rediscovering the joys of photoshopped layout magic in making my crappy, five-second photos look blog-worthy (no offense to the lovely Ranie who painstakingly complies; it’s the al fresco umbrellas and random passerby whom I can’t keep including in the photos). I just wanted to show off how I look like as a producer: backpack, black, chucks, and a messy hairbun (almost our uniform right, Melai?) 
These leggings were hanging on a rack of similarities which should make us cringe on normal days, but I was having PMS and decided to look closer to its grey print and decided that its painting print was worth taking home. Also, for a 150php damage there was no question… maybe I’ll reserve the debate for the other pair I got, which keenly mirrored (exactly matched!) the psychedelic zebra print on my backpack. That, I still have to seriously think about.

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