Hongkong August 2012 Photo Diary – Disneyland Part II

I need to do justice to my incessant photo-taking during our whole HK trip, so bustin’ out these month-old snaps (old by digital / blogging standards) and putting some happy color into this blog! One of the highlights of our Disneyland day was the Flights of Fancy parade – a super fun float show. Best part? It was so neat getting to see a familiar face among the performers:
This is my former co-producer Angel, who is the Hunny Pot! (and it’s a mark of how delayed these photos are since she’s already back here in the Philippines!).
Tigger shoes in homage to the day! When Angel called me to “participate” in the parade (i.e. do some awkward jigs), we called over the bouncing Tigger dancers to show them my shoes!

The Princesses that we would fight over during grade school lunch breaks (although I was more of an anime/Sailormoon shipper…). They look so… regal. I can’t put a word on it. How they could stay so beautiful inspite of the midday heat is beyond me.
I found it amusing that a lot of the performers were Filipino. Imagine working on “the happiest place on earth!”ย 
Looking back on these pictures makes me feel all warm again even though it’s a rainy Saturday right now ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope to be able to go back next time and enjoy it all over again (especially all the rides I wasn’t able to try out!).

In the meantime, I hope you’re all watching ETC HQ! Each episode is a labor of love and I’m so thankful to be doing this with our talented team and our great bosses (I learn so much from them). I’ve been having fun (but challenging fun) with this new show, shooting on locales and other things about clothes and makeup for a change. For the pilot, I shot the Ang Nawawala segment, and last week, walked Mike through some new and old spots along Aguirre street in BF (which reminds me where are my humble-share posts on these things?) Tomorrow there’s a segment on sites where you can get free, cool music! Sunday at 8.45 PM it is, OK? Ok.

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