Hongkong August 2012 Photo Diary – Disneyland Part I

When you see this on the next train you hop into, you know you’re gonna have a magical time. Can you guess where we are headed? (DUH IT’S IN THE TITLE, KRISTA).
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These pictures need no explanation! It was a bright day, the sun was high, and we joined the endless crowds enjoying the height of summer break! Here’s one very vivid childhood dream, fulfilled at the ripe old age of 24 (hehe) – to visit Disneyland.

You can read all about why we were able to make this trip (and our first day of sight seeing and shopping) on this other post. CLICK!

My former co-producer, Angel! How awesome is it to get to work in the happiest place on earth? (I’ll show who she is in the next posts).
Definitely no princess in my traveler garb. 🙂 But hey, the Princess’ castle (and lots of photobombers). But as a subtle tribute I wore my Tigger sneaks!
Straight out of storybooks (or Disney films). I saw quite a few cute kids dressed up as Minnies or Belles or Snow Whites, and I could imagine them seriously convinced that they have found their life size homes.
One of the first rides we hopped into was It’s A Small World! It’s an underground ride that takes you around the world via doll exhibits.
Some people would say that this is one of the “tamest” parts of HK Disneyland, but we went anyway because there was no line 🙂 Crowds were our enemy throughout our whole trip and it’s really hard to enjoy a ten-minute ride if you’ve been bullied and standing in line for one hour already. But this was pretty worth it since it was a spectacular show (and pretty long at that).
We met some famous Disney characters along the trip!
When we got to this part of the float, we heard the song being sung in Filipino! 🙂
What a young Merlin!
Some pretty awesome souvenirs (but still quite expensive yo). Right after taking these shots, I got to meet them in real life (or at least, as real as you can get in Disneyland! Hehe).

I’ll share more pictures of Disneyland (including the parade) in my next post!

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