Sleep In The Garden

Photo by Ranie Catimbang
What I love, even after 4 years of living in UPLB, is that whenever we come back, we discover that we haven’t exhausted all means to love and observe its beauty (not to mention take great pictures in it). This “fallen tree” is beside the DL Umali Auditorium which is our home during Theater production weeks. Every sem we spend 3-4 sleepless days backstage rehearsing and carting sets and props in and out. The white things are actually sculptures left out to dry… probably done by some Hum 2 classes. But don’t they look like fantasy rabbits from this really wide shot that Ranie took?
Oxygen skirt. 
I always keep coming back to Oxygen and end up finding an uncanny appropriation of what I *need* for the moment at such a good value. Hence, this skirt. For warm-weather LB (YES IT WAS WARM THERE WHILE IT WAS RAINING TORRENTS IN MNL! How is that possible), I paired it with a black tank, but in the coming months I’m looking forward to wearing this over neutral, chunky sweaters, layered over leggings, and the works. 🙂
Zara loafers
My version of black flats for this year… in heavy rotation w/ my DMs and black ballet flats. I like my shoes simple, sturdy, and good at keeping my feet dry.

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