Instagram: #OOTD Photo Dump

I have been putting more effort into snapping what I wear, even when I’m rushing to head out! Here’s a glimpse into what I’ve been wearing for the past weeks. I think It’s neater this way, I get a sense of my “mood” whether it’s intentional or not. 🙂
It’s been a little rainy still, so have taken to putting on these boots pretty heavily. Somehow it commands a 90s-throwback approach to things. See calf-length skirt. Everyone’s doing it pretty up top but I thought I’d do it more grunge-like.

Same Dress, Different Day: Or how I change things up. Chambray shirt and mannish loafers to tone down a red dress.

And then the same chambray shirt going over basics to keep only slightly warm.

To pick Ranie up at the airport! I loved this ensemble. Basic, basic, basic, then a ka-ching accessory.
Not so noticeable, but the accessories were coordinated!

First day of shooting for ETC HQ – our new show (It’s airing this Sunday NYAY-YAY)! Obviously inspired by who (and where) we did the segment – watch on Sunday to find out!

Trying to have a weekend: Paisley dress. From Grunge, to Girly…

To Growly! Badass. And my drink, so Badass too, yes?

And then back to simple/grunge/90s as backstage garb!

Basically, you guys get the takeaway that I repeat items a lot within a very quick timespan and that I have been out and about for work too much. Yesterday, I “tried” to have a weekend too and I think it’s been nice!   I’ll be trying to keep on top of things this week. Nothing calamity-level yet in terms of work but I just need to get a grip, focus on deadlines, and commit myself to accomplishing papers (or deliverables) one at a time, every day (this is more for my personal benefit).

And to end this decidedly scattered post: See? Redundant. But the sheer amusement of it all is worth it!
I knew one way or another I won’t escape no-sleep days with the kind of job/s that I have. It’s not a 9-9 sort of thing but I also get “Hell Weeks.” But more than anything I’m grateful to be physically and mentally able to do it all. And I am enjoying the learning (and doing) process so there!

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