Blazin’ Red

Forever 21 Blazer | Tiangge black shirt | Old shorts | Accessorize Necklace | Bag from Malaysia (thank you Ranie!) | Zara loafers
For someone whose favorite color is red for as long as she can remember (by way of gadgets, stationery, and old glasses pairs), I seriously have so little red in my closet. It feels like such a “commitment” color, and is often used for statements / political stances. And also, red isn’t a morena’s most flattering shade.
Red in a formal blazer is especially so intimidating: you’ve got a formal silhouette and such a bold no-nonsense hue together. It’s almost production design, something a bossy / go-getter individual would be dressed up in in a film or a TV show. 
But sometimes, no-nonsense is fun in real life. 🙂 And necessary – – when I need that extra psychologically-induced boost of confidence. A friend did tell me once that wearing bright colors does mentally affect your disposition. IDK if it’s true, but maybe because I think it should work, it does. Does that even make sense?

Anyway, this blazer has been getting so much love from me right now. I brought it so SG and HK, wore it to a talk I did for a High School newspaper club (!), and today (as I’m writing this), to a pre-production meeting for a commercial we’re working on. I pair it with super low-key pieces to make it less oriental / contrived. 🙂

Also today, with this beautiful new embroidered bag from Ranie. He’s home! He’s been here since last weekend but we have not been hanging out because he went home to Bicol. And even if he’s here I’m coming home late so yeah :(. But, he’s home. 🙂

Sleep-deprived jump shot! Thank you to Remo’s phone (and Remo!) for taking my photos. 🙂

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