Hong Kong Photo Diary – Part I

I spent August’s long holiday weekend in Hong Kong with my Mom and sister!

Being the travel neophyte that I am, HK is one of those “musts” that I could (and should) tick off my bucket list. And I’m thankful that I got to do it with (half) of my family. I’ll work harder and save up more so that next time all 6 of us could travel together!
Hong Kong is wonderful in the sense that the buzz is so different from Manila. It’s summer time, which meant that we were traipsing around the city during vacation and sale season = CROWDS and QUEUES. Everywhere. It’s crazy!
We stumbled upon a seat sale sometime around April and immediately booked tickets. Then in the succeeding months, I really made sure to save (a bit). We had no tour package, so I created an itinerary (including accomodations) from scratch. Needless to say, it was more headache inducing than I thought! If I have one regret on this trip, it’s that I let the worry get into my head too much xp. But actually, it was still super fun. And quite an experience!
Obviously, we took a lot of photos. I’ll upload a video blog later on, but for now, here are snaps from our first day – since our companions (my mom’s work mates) haven’t arrived yet, we spent it in Central HK shopping, walking around, and taking LOTS of pictures.
Also, another learning: I created a “backpacker” itinerary, totally forgetting that my mom gets tired easier than I and Ahlee. I feel so sisi because I know I should’ve paid more attention to her ills. xp But I’m talking too much! Here are the pictures!
Arrived Friday evening in the Mong Kok area. Looks exactly as I have imagined it by way of movies – LED lights, red cabs, and the heavy, nostalgic air that stays long after the shops have closed.
Behold my first outfit – the weather is exactly as hot as Manila’s, so there’s no need for layering. A dress I got for 120php! In the Marikina market. I know, right? Here’s a shot from the first of many train rides!
Where next?
Shopping! (and walking).
The midlevel escalators, which led us up to Hollywood Road.
Finishing our walking tour at Man Mo temple.
Hong Kong’s skyscrapers! Sadly we had no time (or energy) to go to Victoria Peak and see the skyline because we had such a packed itinerary (and there was such an endless queue on the Peak Tram that we just decided against waiting). Anyway – there’s always a chance to go back! (crosses fingers)
Fastfood. On my next posts I’ll share more about food and other sights!

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