Art Sunday in Singapore!

Three weeks ago I went to Singapore again for a short work trip! This time around I was actually able to do some more sightseeing.
No meetings on a Sunday so I spent that day with Ranie (who just crossed over from KL) – that’s why I’m  not excited anymore about him finally coming home this Friday. 
Just kidding. 🙂
We went to Haji Lane*, the Singapore National Museum, and then the Art Science Museum! And it was no problem at all thanks to the convenience of SG public transport. 🙂 I am such a touristy fan of getting around SG.
Here are some A LOT of pictures. Have to put a page break so everything loads but I hope if you somehow  stumbled upon this page by mistake, you’d still click through. 🙂 Here goes!
Requisite first shot of the day is an OOTD shot! In the Geylang district where we had lunch. Dress is brought from a pop-up night market (since it was Nat’l Day weekend), only 10 SGD!

I was happy to see the “old world” areas of SG. But still so clean!
Haji Lane, apparently!
A whole street dedicated to hip little shops! It kind of reminded me of Vigan albeit on a much, much tinier scale. But looking at this photo and reading my description now, I guess it’s got to be more like Cubao X! Got shy to shoot the merchandise but I loved this store that was selling all black loose and shapeless things with super cool shoes. And aside from that, of course pretty stores carrying everything cute and totally covetable.


The National Museum was our next stop. It’s not really so much of a place of artefacts. It’s more of rooms and rooms of exhibits dedicated to enlightening you on Singapore’s cultural history, which I found quite interesting (on the note of comparing it with my country’s own background). A lot of ways similar, but still so different.


From the Plant and Family life exhibits
I was stealing candid shots of Ranie 🙂
It’s a big sprawling mansion. These chandeliers were swinging live.


Snaps from the exhibit on Singapore fashion. Of course.


The Film and Wayang exhibit. We spent quite a bit of time here.
We DID find artefacts in the basement! These are from a special exhibition on Ukraine’s Gold. It was a pretty neat time-travel moment.


And this! An exhibit of iconic wedding dresses from all time and around the world! 🙂 It was so informative and complete. Inspiring how the costumes were well-preserved and their stories well-researched. Fashion history will never be a boring subject for me 🙂
Then we met up with Cha in the afternoon! She took us to Lau Pa Sat, which is one of the rare places in SG where food can be grilled and cooked on the street.


And these are cereal-covered prawns i.e. officially in the top 100 list of best things I have ever eaten in my life. Sweet, crumbly, flaky – and then that juicy prawn inside. *tummy growl*


The *star* of the day – our trip to the Art Science museum.
I.e. The Real Reason Why Ranie Went To SG. It wasn’t for me.


It was for this! (An old car!)


Well not just any old car – the flying Ford Anglia used in Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets!
Blessed that this exhibit was on during my visit! Sadly, no pictures, but we were pretty much squealing on every turn we made during the tour. Inside were some of the actual props and costumes used on the HP movies. The reverence everyone had – it was like being near relics or something. Srsly.


The Andy Warhol exhibition was also on. Wouldn’t have missed seeing some of those famous soup cans, quadruptychs, and of course the tinfoil Factory!


Warhol is often referenced in my class readings but I only fully understood his work and message after this exhibit. I think during his time, his statement (and disdain for high art) was truly phenomenal especially coming from decades of excess and decadence. He’s one of the people who ushered in a new way of seeing, doing, and loving art!
So that’s it! Exhausting but filled day. To the brim. I am so thankful.
“Where next?”


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