HONG KONG, August 2012

At this point, I’m pretty much 98 percent sure that I’ll be back in Hong Kong someday, to enjoy it in other ways. But for now, my first encounter with the World City is one of color, and crowds, and heat. It is exactly as bustling and chaotic as I have imagined it to be, based on other people’s impressions. It is not breath-taking, in an ethereal, open-mouthed sort of way – the sense one gets is more of never-ending life, palpable from the skyscrapers to the LED signs to the sidewalks.

Exhausting, but the heart is full. I regret to admit that I let worrying take over me and hinder me from enjoying this trip to the hilt (sorry, adults). But our long weekend was far from a disaster – we got our fill of sights, shopping, and food. And of course all the endless queues, left, right, up, down. And then the line-cutters. My itinerary wasn’t followed at all, which is just as well for out-of-town adventures. 🙂

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