Prabal Gurung for ICB

Images via Teenvogue
There is a Powerpoint file in my desktop which I call “The Want List.” It is filled with photos of things which I somehow stare at for more than five seconds while doing my daily online browsing. It’s not so much a definite must-buy list as it is an aid for my subconscious eye/so-called taste… retaining the shapes and ideas in my head helps me the next time I do go out to buy something so that I just don’t grab anything that looks good. Sometimes part of that list shows up on my Instagram account.
So yeah, PG’s new line for the Japanese brand is pretty killer. Thrift hunting has yet to yield me a beautiful and perfect-fitting printed shirt or dress such as that… and I’m building up enough moxie / courage to finally get something leather (lame I know)… probably on the epic shopping / bargain hunting which will happen this weekend post-dry airplane hands and pre-Mickey Mouse ears and all (stay tuned…)
On a random note, IDK if I should blog about Singapore sartorial-wise, but just in case you need to read something inane about it I have put out some words on my Tumblr blog. Heretofore known as my “left brain” space whilst this stays as… well, a “right brain,” even though it’s not always attended to in my right state of mind.


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