2 Corinthians 4:16-18 🙂

So I have a “truckload” of work to finish in a span of “before lunch” because I have decided to wing everything over the weekend. But yes, this and this and this again: Not having a 9-5 schedule doesn’t mean I DON’T have a schedule. I need to set aside time for church, for sleep, for talking things out w/ Mama, for writing, for going to museums, for eating food, and fighting my crazy urge to buy new shoes in a span of two days apart (it is that bad)… on that last one I’m afraid I almost failed, and the internal battle of wills was so bad (I sound schizo eh) that I ended up walking out of Saizen clutching a bunch of useless cute things again. To the general Shopaholics Anonymous meeting: Hi, I am Krista Garcia, and I am a flailing Shopaholic. I hate the word and what it entails (i.e. using up money) so I try to avoid/deny it. But yeah. Crazy talk, this is.

Anyway this weekend I learned that the beautiful Northern Lights (which I have yet to see for myself) are actually phenomenon caused by glitches on our planet’s protective shield (i.e. the atmosphere and magnetic force field). How could something so beautiful be the sign of almost-destruction? Evening rainbows. What else?

On Ang Nawawala. Or maybe not. It’s a vicarious romp but it’s not my song anymore. Not that it needs to be my song in order for me to enjoy it. “Deathless Gods” was my ringtone last year.OK SO WHAT’S MY POINT? That’s me being a sad lonely loser, indulge me 🙂 

It’s ten AM. My “before lunch” is running out. Must dash.

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