This blog is turning into such a useless, vain log of pictures (as if it hasn’t been useless and vain upfront right from the start…).

This is Augmented Reality.
As much as I want to I can’t make this post be about how scary-impressive the Japanese-manufactured camera apps are. See, I can be whiter, thinner and basically more doll-like (with falsies!) on a few taps. How is that possible – I mean not technologically, but in terms of how it is acceptable in popular culture? The effect is akin to the “destruction of beauty” and objectification that Laura Mulvey discusses in her Visual Pleasure essay (among other things). The more we analyze and pinpoint what can be pretty, the more we can do… I’m not one to say it’s wrong (it can be fun to a point), but it makes me more and more skeptical of what I see (and don’t see) online and elsewhere. Ok enough preachy!
Anyway, all these things probably being into account of me gaining a brand new determination to take advantage of the erstwhile “bed-weather” and catch up on our required readings for Advanced Crit (I should be… hmm on the third volume but I’ve just reached halfway on the 1st!). Not helping is work (I love how irritating that probably sounds typed out *fake meangirls tone*), and also, just seeing the Cloud Atlas trailer and finding the book’s epub version tucked away somewhere in this vast, wonderful, world of the Internetz. I hope the Wachowskis (we can NOT call them the Wachowski Brothers anymore, eh?) can forgive us 3rd-world fans / fantasy-seekers seeing as they are such great spinners of worlds and non-worlds and other parallelities that they might forgive a non-free book suddenly being a free book, and not being an actual book at that, right? 
(And if you are being bored/confused with this rambling then you should not read my other blog and what I have been writing and reading lately. Another side effect of the “brand new” determination to more or less be horizontal and feeding my brain more often).
So moving on the the promise of a vain log of pictures. Not really without reason: I just remembered that August is the month of my anniversary as a fat girl freelancer! And I remember all the moodiness / depression / lack of self-worth that came prior to it (I deleted my first tumblr and even stopped writing in this vain blog for three months. I was in that deep). I can hardly feel like it’s been a year though. Because I got busy pretty quick – hugely, thanks to Rhea and her amazing Synchronize 11 world. She is a diamond of the first cut (to borrow a line off Cloud Atlas!) and I’m thankful to God (and Val!) that I met her. I might not have lasted long and done a lot of what I had done so far if not for her. It’s been a pretty huge change of environment and experience.
I also thank Rhea’s laptop because it has Photobooth! And you know, during meetings or shoots I would surreptitiously, well, snap pictures of myself. And just last week I realized that I have amassed quite the collection already (it has been a year, after all!). So now I’m sharing some of them on this blog because I miss how long my hair was last year. I can’t wait for it to grow back!
Random at Shakey’s and I was obstinately bringing 1q84 along (if I had the Tab back then)…

My first Tanduay TVC shoot. Curly hair for Lulz. Hi Val!

And then more randomness.

OK these are fairly recent ones. Big glasses that are actual prescription glasses but keep being mistaken for poser specs. And that’s Rhea on the upper right box! 🙂
I just might be compelled to get a mac when I upgrade next year just for Photobooth alone. My techie brother insists that I can get rendering powers if I stick to Windows and invest in good hardware. I still have time to save up and postpone the decision, so let’s see. For now, I’ll make do with taking on more rakets from Rhea, and taking over Rhea’s laptop some more. 🙂

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