Moon Crystal Power Makeup!

I grew up in love with Sailormoon. I was obsessed with anime because I wanted to draw Sailormoon! I learned to draw clothes because this show would put so much focus on the girls’ sartorial nuances. Also: Usagi would whip out her crystal encrusted compact, shout out “moon crystal power makeup!” get false eyelashes, lipgloss, and earrings. And just like that, she transforms into a superhero who can save the world. In the world of bunny hair and big eyes, there’s no such thing as PMS when the moon is out. Sailormoon taught girls that a little lip gloss doesn’t hurt and that beautiful girls can save the world. That, I think, has stayed in my subconscious up to this day. Sailormoon is it – Japan gave us an entire gaggle of female kick-ass heroes against the Western male-centric comic book action figures. And the Sailor stars didn’t have to be in bras and panties to do it!

In this post, I will write entirely about my face. Yes, it has reached that point! I’m a chronic procrastinator so even if there is nothing to procrastinate with I come up with something to put off important things like a video final’s abstract This entire blog is evidence of nearing 5 years’ worth of procrastination and self esteem issues disguising as a “style journal”. 🙂 (get me the gag bucket…)
But also, it is a rainy Sunday and I have just come off one of the most draining weeks of my life (3 back to back work events) so my brain cells are seriously jelly. The rain has just ended and it’s cast a gorgeous glow over most everything. Including the sunset which is weirdly bright and gloomy at the same time. Now I don’t know how that led to makeup. I think you’ll see later on that my ulterior motive about writing this post is not entirely about makeup. (Just keep reading). 
I have put off relying on makeup for many years (I survived without it during college and during my first two years as a working person, especially since my first office was in laid-back Antipolo). My sister and I were pretty blessed that we never broke out during high school – my mama had good genes! So I heeded her advice not to put on makeup and make my face oily and all. Not even sunscreen. That, and I had so little money to spend on thrifted clothes – what more makeup?
Being makeup-less, thankfully, was not an issue with this guy who is sporting questionably long hair and baggy pants in this photo from 2007. He was flirting with me here hence my weird face. We were not together yet.  (PS he will kill me once this goes up).

If I’d ever be putting on something in my face, it would be for one thing – theater! We had theater classes in college and it was a HUGE part of my college experience. I was usually doing costumes. But I was required to take an acting class too so here I am moonlighting as a crazy ORANGE chicken and wearing bright green eye shadow.
Eyeliner was the only piece of “makeup” I had, aside from cherry chapstick. And seriously crappy Photoshop skills.
And then everything changed when Ranie proposed and he whisked me off to a whirlwind wedding in Thailand.
My first “favorite” makeup moment was when we had grad pictorials. It was the first time that a pro artist worked on my face and I can’t believe it. There were no eyebags and I had eyebrows. I was actually sort-of-kind-almost-pretty. I was reluctant to wipe it all off! I vowed to try makeup… someday in the future.
And then I graduated, and there were job interviews. And Facebook wherein someone would unwittingly tag a picture of you on a rowdy night-out. I think Facebook has made us more image-conscious over everything. Avatar syndrome. So I started putting some effort into my face…
My first job fresh out of college was a producer for ETC! And even if I was working for a channel for the stylish youth, I still had very little need for makeup. Most of the time I was in front of the computer, editing plugs. And still always riding the jeep (and if you’re a commuter, you know that jeeps and lip gloss are NOT best friends). Even for events, I’d still only go as far as eyeliner.
Well, I did learn to groom my eyebrows. (the baby steps are starting).
The only time I can remember seriously doing makeup at work was during Halloween 2010. 🙂 I was a female witch / jekyll and hyde. Hehe. 🙂

No, seriously. That’s it. I’m jumping to the present now! I seriously don’t know at which point makeup suddenly became part of my (almost) daily routine! But I’m pretty certain it started last year right after I resigned as a regular employee at Solar (I still don’t see it as a resignation since I promptly went back to being a freelance writer and producer anyways…). Maybe it was about having more free time. Maybe it was about overhauling this blog and finding a lot of disgusting piks and deciding, “Change we must.” It’s also quite a lot about having more spending power (LOL). Also, I was writing all these makeup segments for Etcetera and watching pros like Kai Vinson of Bobbi Brown and Nicole Thompson of MAC work their magic… and I really believed it. So it would be a shame if I kept everything theoretical, right? 
But I think it really started when I had to attend a lot of meetings with clients when my rakets became more frequent… suddenly I needed to talk to a lot of strange adult people and I had to look presentable and somehow convincing whilst presenting concepts. More recently, I think it’s also because I’ve been reading a lot of Malaysian / Singaporean blogs. And these girls are obsessed with their faces. Somehow that is creeping into my psyche, for better or worse. Embracing the “Asian” side I am.
My adventures with makeup are tame. To say that my makeup forays are “humble” is an understatement. Unlike my friends Millie and Val, who are so good in doing makeup and have quite the enviable beauty haul in their dressers. I do not wear makeup for makeup’s sake. Only because I really need it.
Also, I’ve learned about aging. I’m noticing age spots and wrinkles, and am turning 25 next year… so that triggered this whole idea of putting on SPF. I don’t want to get cancer! Better safe than sorry. So yeah… let’s move on to the “loot” captions, shall we? And now I will share with you my “daily” face: a routine of budget-friendly finds. Seriously, all drugstore acquisitions. My “progression” is still in its early stages, and I’m still terrified of the idea of “investing” in real makeup yet. Maybe when I get that movie actress call back. 

So here goes:
My daily face… or  more like my 4 days out of 7 face.
1. Loreal UV Perfect BB Max – it’s a sunscreen and a BB cream so it’s a nice start to even out my skin and keep away icky pollution. I was using Maybelline’s BB cream forever and I like it enough but it gets oily too soon. This one needs a little powder to set, and is not as good in covering up as Maybelline yet 😦 But it stays put all day, so I’ll give it a few more weeks before I move on or try something else. When I’m not going to a meeting (ergo errands or school lang), it’s just plain SPF. Right now I’m sharing a yellow tube of Garnier with my siblings. 🙂
2. Elianto concealer in Shade #3 – I only use concealer when I break out or if I came from a particularly rough night (hence dark circles). I loved Elianto because it was cheap and it covered super well – so imagine my despair when I realized that it wasn’t being sold here in Manila anymore! And then I found it again when I went to Malaysia last year. I’m asking Ranie to bring me more home until I earn enough to invest in a better brand. 🙂
3. Pressed powder and a brush – for setting the BB cream and the concealer. I’ll use any powder that’s available. Right now I’m using this pink compact from – drumroll – Maybelline. By now you probably get that I’m this super lazy person who just walks into the first aisle and grabs the first decent-looking packet I could find 🙂
4. Nichido eyebrow pencil – I think eyebrows are my biggest revolution. Even if I won’t wear makeup I’ll fix up my eyebrows. I *imagine* that my face changed when my eyebrows became decent. So yes, eyebrows are a must!
5. Maybelline Magnum Volum Express mascara – stays on like a b*tch and actually defines my lashes. I love this. Was on a daily phase but now I’m only pulling it out for evening events. See I’m already on my fifth item and I can’t stand being this tedious all day.
6. Carmex Lip Balm – I mostly never wear lipstick because my lips dry and get windburned so easily. Carmex has been my lifesaver and now I never leave home without this. I put it on before lipstick or by itself.
7. Lily Cole x The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Dome – I love this new product, it’s light and it smells good. Perfect for a hint of blush! Also works on the lips!
8. Maybelline moisture extreme lipstick in Toffee Cream – Only a light, nudish shade for everyday :). But I need to move on from Maybelline lipsticks. They come in great shades but they. never. stay. put. Seriously. Everything rubs off so fast. My friends say Nix and MAC are great options so maybe I’ll get those when my tubes run out.
9. Perfume – I like smelling different depending on my mood, so right now, I’m rotating through bottles of Live by Jennifer Lopez, La Lune by D&G, and the woman’s scent from Oxygen. :). Sometimes when I need to feel sosyal, my mom’s Chanel perfume! Smelling good does wonders in boosting your confidence. All gifts. Thank God for wonderful, generous parents. 
Here’s a comparison of my face when I’ve just woken up and when I’ve put on all that crap. I won’t blame you if you see no difference… mostly it’s all psychological and smell anyway. Haha! And the eyebrows.
When I’m going to an event, these get added into the mix:
1. Salon Styling Mousse – learned this trick from Hyatt who sometimes does Patti’s hair for Etcetera! If I need nice hair, I just run this through my damp hair, put up my hair in a bun, and get to work. Then when the sun sets, I take out the bun, and shake up my hair. And the waves come! Messy but big enough, so it’s perfect for me especially since I suck at using a curling iron. And I’m always working before an event so I never have time to get my hair one 😦
Curling iron hair…
VS messy waves! Thank God this is now acceptable, no?
2. Eyeshadow palette – for a bit of color / sparkle. I mostly just use the black and brown palettes though.
Last Christmas.
Pinkish for The Body Shop and Lenovo event.
Also was pinkish after our best friend Inna’s wedding!

3) and 4) Maybelline lipstick in Summer Sunset and Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Tint – I go red when it’s a themed, super-evening sort of thing. I like using the Lip Tint when attending an event because it’s budge proof so I don’t have to worry about being suddenly colorless after buffets and drinks. 🙂

Faded red lipstick to a night out.. Was all casual, so compensated.
5) and 6) Eyelash curler and a brush set for when I need to define my eyes a bit. And to put everything on with!
Shooting in Batangas with my brother and orgmate. This was a good day with lots of nice light and my brother was using his really nice lens! (Also had some help from good old Photoshop for the blush. Yuck).

So there! I really don’t have tips to share. I’m just a poverty-laden girl who is only learning to love the “power” that some rogue and definition puts on the face. I’m enjoying it and at the same time I need to learn more, and hopefully that will come through more necessary moments. This is also my excuse to share ancient photos of me and Ranie in case that has eluded you. That boy has been known to smirk when he sees me step out with a “face.” So as long as there is one person who prefers me without tone correction or high lighted brows, I will not be makeup-crazy. 
Although sometimes, it’s just fun to play. Makeup is like painting, and the human face is one varied, crazy canvas.

My favorite makeup moment of all time: portraying writers’ block with cheekbones and Frieda Kahlo-inspired brows. 🙂
Hope this post was enjoyed. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Moon Crystal Power Makeup!

  1. “Sailormoon taught girls that a little lip gloss doesn't hurt and that beautiful girls can save the world.” ftw! 🙂 love this girly girly post. Wait, are you implying the sailor girls weren't wearing bra and panties? 0_0 hehe

    let's rule the world, beautiful girl you.


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