Mirror Shots: Work Outfits

Some hopelessly crappy self-timed mirror snaps of casual get-ups since July started! I decided to lump them all into one post (for now) because I haven’t had the time (or the weather) to take decent timer shots or even to ask someone to take them from me. Crappy pictures all together = quantity over quality. xp Anyway it’s not like the end of the world… But I still document, for posterity’s sake, because I find myself liking more the things I wear when I don’t plan them / don’t intend to have them photographed. An irony whose importance is lost on me right now… but I’m still documenting and being vain right? Let’s see!

I’m on “raket” season because the TV job is on season break. And the sem’s just started so school isn’t AS hectic yet. In awe and praise for how God perfectly engineers things to happen in the perfect time. 🙂

Thrifted Y3 sweater | Mango jeans and bag | Forever 21 brogues. Ok this one’s decent because it was taken on Val’s HDR-camera phone :))

Overusing this Y3 sweater because dri-fit is apparently effective both ways: it’s also pretty efficient in drying up fast when you’ve been soaked in rain. Worn that day with an eggplant coordinate of green Mango pants, forever 21 shoes, and purple divi socks. Bag also from Mango. Yes, the sale. But I made sure to a) pay my bills b) keep away a portion for my HK fund c) keep away into my savings account before going “all out” for the mid year craziness. 😀 No credit. Just writing that out to remind myself not to keep forgetting myself anymore…

Thrifted vest, gifted forever 21 tank
Was dead set on overusing this vest until rainy season abruptly happened… so there. That day: studio rehearsals of the girls for World of Tanks’ segment at the FHM 100 Sexiest Party (just to clarify, I wasn’t one of the girls). It feels funny to be putting “FHM 100 Sexiest” on a blog caption…

Just class this day so was all casual. Compensated with huge stars.

Thrifted uniqlo top, then the usual things. I’ve had these pants for 3 years now! 😀 And they’re accordingly getting rattier… Sigh. 
I was dressed as such because I was the floor writer for Superior Pipes’ corporate event. This was the “work” version. When you’re part of the Prod Staff = always wear black. I’ll show you later how the upper part transformed. 🙂
In actuality, this outfit made me look so fat. So I’m sharing the sketch I made instead, if that’s OK with you (the actual photo is on Instagram anyways if you’re up to doing some stalking).

Prod Presentation of the TVC. Probably my biggest raket break so far: wrote the scripts for two TVCs for a huge liquor brand. So excited and thankful to Rhea. And nervous too. I was sick this day (actually fell into a fever that night) so was trying to keep warm. Thrifted sweater.
Street clothes for last Thursday. Photo AND makeup by Val! =)
And now that I feel disgusted with my face and wardrobe, I think I’m ready to move on to school assignments. So there!

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