Still Alive.

She didn’t eat me whole!

Prof said:

Your poem chosen, the thought as written are fine but I’d like your film stronger than what the visuals suggest- a woman waiting. A woman’s film need not be necessarily be with  or of a woman in it, or be lithe in temper. Waiting as you said is an act of resiliency. More than that it is an act or serene opposition to passivity. So one can depict it as a top spinning or the world moving in its axis- Things that seems static but has profound change or movement.

That moment when you just want to read it over and over again and enjoy the possibility of thought and visuals, rather than its fruition.

I’m heading to the mountains this Friday. For sad mournful reasons, but also comes with great timing. I’ll be with creative, serene, haplessly hopeful COWS whose brains I can pick. ❤

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