The Lenovo Ultrabook Launch at PICC Forum

Lenovo’s brand new PCs are here in the Philippines – they’re faster, more stylish, and even more equipped with foolproof hardware. There are three main lines catered towards pro consumers (me!), small-to-medium-scale businesses, and large enterprises. You can learn more about these new ultrabooks here on Lenovo’s product page.
My favorite is the Lenovo Ideapad U410 – 8GB of RAM is something I need in my multi-tasking, video-rendering life. Definitely the “Book of Do.” And it comes in a Cherry Blossom red color. 😀
To launch these new hardworking AND stylish products, Lenovo staged a fashion-cum-tech show at the PICC Forum last June 21. Bonne Bouche dressed up the models whilst they strutted down the catwalk with their lenovos (just to prove how portable these babies are). My first post about it was here. 🙂
I found a familiar face there, surprisingly! Hi Martin! And thank you for taking my fan girl photo with Callum Davin LOLOL.

They picked out audience winners to do an impromptu walk-off. The theme was “lounge chic,” and unfortunately I wasn’t dressed for it :).

First familiar face, toting a super powerful Lenovo notebook: Charlie – he did a lookbook for Etcetera.

Second familiar face: Monika! She also did a lookbook for us 🙂 <3. It's so cute that she and Charlie do jobs together.
Thank you for the wonderful show, Lenovo and Ms. Aya Gonzales!

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