Last week of June on Instagram

If only the rest of life were as easy as putting a filter over bad quality. =)
Started off the week with a uniform set for bank errands with my brother and for Ranie.

Pored over the watered down Creatures of The Wind collection for J.Crew. It’s almost pretty! (sad face). But the shirts and cardigans are interesting…

Prabal Guring resort. Hmm, more my taste. Collaged-up my favorites 🙂
Tuesday night: had dinner and some “games” with my brother and his friends #feelingyoung

While working at Rhea’s this week her new employee Remo brought the most interesting stuff. Such as these ingenious flash drives…
And this flat mouse. I want this.

Didn’t bother with dressing up because we were mainly inside the house. Even my shoes were bedroom-ready. But with floral prints!
… and a scarf.

Thursday: meeting, school, after-work dinner. Tribal prints as everyone is still doing…

But in considerable length and with a long black pullover. It WAS cold, after all. #lola
Friday: began and ended the week with bank errands (as if I have lots of things to put in it no). Also: took a trip to Ateneo to get some required readings from their University Press. All on sale. ❤ 🙂
Are we friends on Instagram yet? 🙂 I’m @kristamgarcia 🙂

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