Lumiere Et Compagnie (1995)

My journey is still at its baby stages; nevertheless, it is still a journey. I have 1000 films more to watch and 1,000,000 million terms and shots and techniques to master.  Of all things, this documentary got me into a serious motivation to get a miniscule HD videocam (like the ones I saw our editors using during my birthday) and filming anything/everything, giving in to its limitations and supposed faults. Like my own cinematograph.

But – magical. The idea of using a relic and using it to film the present. It’s almost like time travel.

“Pourquoi filmez-vous?” “To soften the flight of time.”

You can choose where you will go, but you will have to be faithful to what you find there. I think this is the permeating message that I took home.


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