The Body Shop: Beauty With Heart

It was one year ago (June 30, 2011 to be exact) when I last visited the MOA branch of The Body Shop. I accompanied my mom for her passport renewal  at DFA then we had lunch. Last year, we were looking for a gift package to give to one of my cousins. The Body Shop always has beautiful pre-packaged pamper sets, and we give TBS stuff to people who we feel deserve some special indulgence.
Hi I’m oily and my new glasses are too big for my face. Thrifted studded shirt.
Yesterday The Body Shop launched its brand new concept store to the press. It’s so different now!
Say hi to the first Pulse store here in our country – with a new name and a new look. It’s an environmentally sustainable nook – flourescent lights have been replaced with LED strips (lesser energy consumption), the flooring is FSC wood, and they use Wood Positive materials for their paper-based packaging. It basically means that they’re now using as little energy as possible and that for every tree that gets used up for the stores, they give one back.
TBS has always been a conscientious brand – They say no to animal testing. Now, they’re also making community values the emphasis of their campaign. When you walk into a store, they want you to be moved not just to look good, but to do good as well. Did you know that TBS sources materials from Fair Trade organizations? (My boyfriend will cheer on this one).
Every time you enter a Pulse store, The Body Shop’s top products and new arrivals are now front and center. There’s enough room for you to have fun and choose among the products – even get a free makeover!
Get involved – each Pulse store will now have a community wall where you can get updated on The Body Shop’s advocacies. You can read up, give your love – and even sign up.
My college buddy / Mantsa actress: Full Circle’s Angel! 🙂
Officemate Andrei. “Bakit ka pakalat-kalat?” He said 🙂
The Body Shop is also launching one of their new makeup lines: 100% Cruelty Free, with Lily Cole’s name (and face) on it. Check it out: pretty makeup with a conscience. What’s not to love? Excited to try these out 🙂
My instant favorite: the lip and cheek dome. One swipe gives you a rosy blush on your pout and cheeks. Multitasking win! ❤
You know that my love / envy for Lily Cole goes way back, as I wrote HERE. (Yup that’s my old college-angst-laden journal!) Well it’s more love now since I have her makeup line. Hehe.
A friendly sales assistant named Joni gave me a mini makeover and sampled some of their new products on my face. But I took a badly lit photo so it’s moot. #toored
Even the packaging is made of repurposed polyester. Nothing is wasted.

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