One Weekend

This year, I had a very different (and quiet) birthday. I welcomed the 16th with only a handful of people (my Etcetera family) in a quiet house somewhere in Teacher’s Village. Then I spent Saturday and Sunday getting pampered and basically chilling out in Tagaytay, with my mom! It’s a nice change, and kind of indicative of how I’m slowly easing into “lola” sensibilities. 🙂
This post is about my Tagaytay weekend! I was able to do it because Ma and I enjoyed overnight free overnight accommodations at One Tagaytay Place. And here’s the requisite photo essay.
We like One Tagaytay – it’s nice and small and clean and cozy.

It was super cold there this weekend! Luckily it was still a little bit light out when we went out for dinner.
On to Cliffhouse it was, of course… we had steak and hot chocolate at Platito. There’s something about eating warm food in really cold weather – it puts you in such a cheerful mood. My mom, at least, declared that she loved her meal – tres rare! Birthday high it was indeed.
After dinner and before tucking in, we tried out the hotel’s spa. Breakfast buffet the following day included the best tapa I’ve tasted in a long while. I’m still dreaming of it in my mouth.
Before heading home we also raided that huge ukay in Olivarez (of course!). Finding treasures = best birthday present I could ask from providence.
Next year, I hope I have enough savings to bring along my entire family! Mama and I had fun but I’m missing the kulit factor that being on trips with my siblings entails. All night long they were tagging me on Facebook and stuff. You know. They didn’t even feel that earthquake.
But thank you God for such a wonderful birthday weekend 🙂

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