Striped Column Skirt

For this day:  I went to grad class then did events-related work that transformed into an extended meeting session (that’s what happens when you work in a house instead of an office!)
Cropped top from a UP stall | Thrifted column skirt
I have a rather large puson so wearing a fit on fit combo (aka body conscious) has always been my kryptonite. Loose crop tops are my lifesaver. They’re easy breezy and sexy but when you sit down your puson is not as halata. You like? 🙂 My friend said very “Free People” daw. Wow! I was just going for a beachy feel. Skirt sorta reminds me of Prada actually, but I didn’t want to wear it with a fussy top ala print on print as it would conventionally be styled. Plus it’s been too hot today to bother with mixed styling ideas.
Sorry for the super fail attempt to pretend that my 7.7 inch Tab is a phone. It covers my entire face and looks totally ridiculous. Imagine the finger stretch involved just to click on the shutter. Thankfully Val had mercy on me and took the middle photo 🙂

Of course I’m still a commuter so I wouldn’t have survived the whole day running around like that. In transit, this was my outfit. 5th grade homeroom teacher is my peg! Haha. Actually I like this too and it’s more “me” – all louche and shapeless and lola inspired (might have decided to wear this today because I’ve been watching Poetry). But it was fun to go “daring” albeit in an unconventional way.
Nothing special to share about this day, except for this fun skirt. And more work lined up. In my case at least that’s exciting enough already I guess. 😀

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