Birthday Weekend!

6.15 – 6.17
Father’s Day weekend coincided with my birthday this year. I think this is the first time that I legitimately got to plan “something” for it (in recent years it has always been more of impromptu eat-outs and the sweet surprises from friends and office mates – general busy-ness just tends to take over my life and make me suck at celebration. So grateful for people who otherwise remember!). At the stroke of midnight, I was with my Etcetera family, as we were having our “wrap up party” for Season 2. Then I spent Saturday and Sunday on a super-pampered weekend with my Mom in Tagaytay! How very “grown up” of me. I really enjoyed it, and next time, I’m looking forward to earning more so I can also do it with more friends (or the entire family…). I was all set to do a “review post” but I guess that will have to wait. Full week of work and school ahead. Thank you God for everything!


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