Last Thursday was my official first day back in school for this year. My class wasn’t until late afternoon so on to MAFBEX it was 🙂
My high school classmates / buddies Justine, Pepa, and Julia judged a competition ran by CSB.
Monochrome vs. Bright and Colorful!
My cousin’s an HRM student so I brought her and her friends along. 😀

Catering inspirations.

Aside from local exhibitors, there were booths dedicated to our regional neighbors’ fare (Malaysian, Taiwanese, Korean et al) as well.

I enjoyed most the “food art” samples. This is too cute!

From one of the entries that the girls judged. It was a food styling contest so they didn’t have to use actual cooked food. Bizarre but awesome. Can you tell that the white stuff is actually just toothpaste?
A series of intimate dining arrangements inspired by different places in the Philippines.

Sea-food. Hehe.
It was a feast both for the tummy AND the eyes. It’s more of an event for gastro-insiders than for plain old’ hungry foodies such as I, but I did learn (and taste) a lot.
Afterwards I raced across EDSA to get to UP!

And still arrived too early for my class. Camwhore it was before everyone else trickled in! 🙂
I’m going to Tagaytay today with my Mom! 🙂 Despite this weird rain, yes.

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