Too Many Pictures

Well! This is the second night that I’m being attacked by such a huge wave of randomness. And a need to “post” something even if it’s strictly not outfit-based. Possibly my procrastination tactics just kicking in, though. Or maybe my inner 16-year-old staving off sad thoughts, and the general bewildered feeling of “why are there sad thoughts?” IDK really. Taking pictures and trying out some words and trying to make my life look “pretty” has always been cathartic (if not indulgent) anyways so here goes:
Maybe it’s the randomness of this day. I set out to do three super duper boring things: open a debit card account at Unionbank (to get my Paypal-coursed earnings), update my Philhealth contributions (since it doesn’t get deducted off my talent fees anymore), and get my latest check from Etcetera. It was drizzling all day which, for the most part, I loved, since it meant cooler weather in general. And when you’re travelling from one office to another, cooler weather is better because it means your makeup and perfume last longer. 🙂 So yay for lesser third world problems today!
My mom took this photo. That’s why it’s all blurry hehe
I repeated the shorts from a few days ago (!), threw on a Y-3 sweater and one of the new metal necklaces over it. And added vans-inspired sneakers. I was going for the half-glam, half-gym look, and so this happened. The unforeseen benefit: it was a terrifically waterproof, easy-dry outfit.
It’s a benefit because I SLIPPED AND FELL ON MY FACE IN FRONT OF THE PHILHEALTH BUILDING. But why am I putting that in all caps? I am always doing that anyway (falling and slipping and doing impromptu tumblings. Not always intentionally. Ask Ranie). So it’s mortifying but at the same time, um, normal. For me.
What was not normal was getting a free cab ride at one point of my transits. The driver was on his way to fetch someone so he just took me along. That was awesome.
Long waiting-in-betweens not withstanding (I did not get to eat this, um, big N tasty lunch until 4PM!), it all went pretty well. And so I give myself a little pat on the pack for doing little responsible errands (and paying my Philhealth contributions until December 2013! Hahaha! Define OA). Now if only I could make my money stay a wee bit longer in my savings account.
Yup, this was a randomly boring day.
But now I contradict my inner conscience. It’s my first day of classes this sem tomorrow, and I kind of went  overboard at the bookstore. Seriously, one does not need to go back-to-school shopping for her 2nd sem of grad school. But then again, cute small notebooks covered in maps are. impossible. to. resist. And I always need a truckload of pens and markers, since I’m always losing them in school or during tapings. Yup. #savingfail
Ok, not really a #savingfail because this haul was sponsored by Ranie. Hehe 🙂 ❤
And now it goes downhill from here as I give you an assortment of 2ndhand shots (i.e. stuff already on my Facebook wall and Instagram feed) which have absolutely no relation to this day. I just wanna put them here. So deal with that. Actually no, look through it before declaring “dealt” with it. 🙂
Justine and I went shopping the other day and because I’m an obedient friend I bought versions of everything she bought (well almost). Including a handful of metal statement necklaces and this brown bag. Not regretting it though, I foresee usefulness in various circumstances. I would never have thought of getting these things on my own, so I’m glad I have a style savvy friend who is also an expert in haggling to death. Now, I’m not sure if she’s a good friend because she’s a great shopping buddy or she’s a bad friend because she influences me to spend my hard-earned monies exponentially. We had quite the buyer’s remorse (short-lived) talk over coffee afterwards!

I’m enjoying editing gross pictures on my Tab. And feeling all hipster and such. Posting them here now before better sense gets the best of me.

Won an MFG gift cert from the SM iButterfly event I attended last week. Promptly blew it on a shiny new wallet. With a handle. 😀

After two years, this is finally off my perennial wishlist (I just keep forgetting to buy it or I don’t have cash when I remember to do so). And just for lulz, I’m using it instead of my regular speakers. I love it. How could I have survived all this time without it? I was so glaringly aware of a need for portable speakers during our tapings last season, so this time, I’m prepared. Yey!

Last night’s insomnia bout got me into dumping out all my clothes, folding / hanging them again properly, and calling it organizing. Also tried out mixing some new outfits, just in case I suddenly become a movie star and need to have prepared outfits. I haven’t played dress-up in ages. Kinda reminded me of why I wanted to make this blog in the first place. Heehee nostalgic.
Blogging is way different now from what it was when it was a “Comm Arts” thing for me college. Before, it was a way to justify my life against self-destructive feelings. Now, sometimes I feel like my life has to justify it. Isn’t that weird? That’s why I got all paranoid and created a tumblr, had Twitter, et al. And hid away the original blog where I’ve typed out all my teenage angst and hopes. I didn’t want to get lost. I didn’t want to lose the happiness I get from being as random as I want without worrying what strangers would think (imagined readers?) Sometimes it’s too much and too exhausting to think about. Pointless even. But I think despite all my ambivalence towards it I still enjoy it. I still find it worthwhile and something which I’ll enjoy looking back on years from now, assuming Mayan predictions don’t come true and wipe out the Internet and other things. So as long as it’s still fun and as long as weird urges to edit photos still come I’ll do it.
OH WAIT I KNOW WHAT THIS IS. PRE-BIRTHDAY REQUISITE BIG-PICTURE ANALYSIS. You know. All the anxiety and the wait, stop, what’s going on. I’m gonna be 24 on Saturday. I’m not up to much, really, am I?

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