This is Just an Independence Day Mishmash

Brain picking by pithy captioning, here goes! 
Listening to Kimbra and Florence Welch, and their moody yet oddly feel-good chants. Clicking right-click and save-as on the resort outres of The Row, Chloe, and Boy by Band of Outsiders. Excited to see what will happen when H&M gets 3 more Ms come November (that’s Maison Martin Margiela for you). Reading up how creative people discuss their craft (such as Regina Spektor, text box), and also the dubious volumes of Fifty Shades (Um OK this is for further discussion / defense. Curiousity killed the cat but it sure roused some weird realizations). Was on a post-Prometheus Michael Fassbender binge (the brilliant Shame and A Dangerous Method) and am now officially semi-obsessed (and wondering if he’ll make a great Christian Grey). And to top it all off, a photo of Tom Cruise with eyeliner for Rock of Ages, for good measure.
Spent 6.12 mostly at home, finishing some deadlines. Went out to join mama on a requisite massage trip. Came back, did some undoing to her painstaking tidying up in my room (!), and now, sat down to make this little collage while listening to music and browsing through the usual time-consuming culprits. Because, you know, to commemorate the country’s sovereignity (imagined or otherwise), I’ve decided to liberate my brain of scattered thoughts. School is starting this week, and this month we’d also be busy brainstorming for a new show. And of course, all the other things I do in this so-called life as an “independent media professional” (at least that’s the LinkedIn title I put out). So… gotta flex those time management muscles. And load the brain with as much cohesive and relevant ideas as possible!

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