Asprey’s Bloggers’ Night

Recently Manila’s leading watchstrap brand Asprey threw in a party at Scarlet Lounge, the Fort and treated fashion industry’s young bloggers for a night of fun! Attendees were requested to bring in their old watches and trade their aged straps with new and fresher styles.
Stylish attendees also participated in our online popularity game. Guests took their photos and uploaded it in Asprey’s facebook fan page. 6 Photos with the most number of like were awarded with Watches from Ltime Studio and a set of watchstraps from Asprey.
Asprey’s brand ambassadors were also introduced that night: Bloggers David Guison of GD Manila, Lissa Kahayon of, College Jock and Model Victor Pring, Myx Vjs Joyce and Mike Advincula.  

I regret missing this event, but I had to rush home early that afternoon. Asprey still sent over some pictures, sure looked like a fun night. I’m excited about the straps I’ll be getting. I have some watches at home that do need new life after all. 🙂 If you do, you can check out their new designs, and spot how the ambassadors and other fashionphiles sport them on Asprey’s facebook page: CLICK HERE.

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