Current Favorites: Pair-fect Prints vs. White

My mind is as dichotomic as this mood board.
Here are some of my favorite images lately. Most of these are screen shots from digital magazines that I’ve been reading. I’m currently having frequent daydreams about working for Nylon SG. 🙂 I’m still very much happy seeing mismatched prints put together… i think it’s just “pair-fect.” 🙂 It’s nice to see this season’s versions like those at Meadham Kirkchoff – veering away from florals and digital prints and culling scarf life versions. Heavily printed separates are a godsend because they drag away attention to whatever imagined flaws you have upon your body. Not to mention that all those colors seem to do a good job of cheering up a lot of us.
On one hand, wardrobe wise I’m leaning towards things of the more basic sense. I recently acquired three items that I’m planning to abuse heavily until the tropical monsoons deem to serious to be ignored: brown sandals, a while sleeveless blazer, and a studded shirt. Eerily like these things I pasted above but not quite. I’ll post when I get around to having pictures of myself wearing them…
… Which might not be anytime soon seeing as there’ll be a new show (!) and some new formats / ideas to look into. I should get into blogging more like my script writing self so that I don’t lose track of the million ideas that swim through my head. Yup, mental-note that.


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