PFW 2012: details

Offsetting my full lace / crochet number with metal and masculine touches.

Of all the 25+ collections that went down the runway this past Fashion Week, I was able to catch a handful: namely those from The Ramp, Lizanne Cua, Sassa Jimenez, Yvonne Quisumbing, and EsAc. With the increasing bipolarity of the weather here in the country, designers are increasingly blurring the line and breaking down steadfast notions of what collections should be like for Holiday or Summer. And so we have this year’s outings: color, print, plastic, and sheer chiffon sharing equal space with black (or grey or metallic), monochrome, embellishments, and leather. 
The Ramp’s show was all about a “mixology of style” – on-trend, ultra-wearable separates rendered in experimental prints and two-tone. Definitely something fashionphiles would happily snap off the racks in the coming months – or appropriate through thrift hunting. The latter four showcased their different takes on formal wear / couture – pure “ganap” goodness if I may say so. From jersey, to leader, to meticulous beading, these were collections that keenly echo each designer’s continuing aesthetic. Every year, we see experiments and rule-breakers, and thankfully, quite a lot turn out to be breathtaking. I personally liked Sassa’s flowy leatherette pieces, and Yvonne’s asymmetrical everythings.
From what I’ve seen so far, Filipino designers (at least those who turn up for PFW) make beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces because they have a clear mission of standing out and being talked about. PFW is peculiar as a fashion week because the pieces that are shown don’t necessarily indicate which trends will be big. Being a trend leader is the least of many a designer’s priorities. What they want is to be unique and to be called innovative. To be worn by the people who are considered to have directional taste in clothing. But yes – it is wonderful to watch and to see beautiful clothes up close. And to be inspired enough to dream of wearing them yourself.

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