#phfashionweek Day 1 and 5

No commentaries for now, just quick updates on what I have been able to see and do on Holiday 2012 so far:
The Ramp opened PFW. Peplums are big. But I say right now rather than Holiday!
Opening night with Jinee and Nica (in which Jinee is more concerned about the shooters than the clothes)

Graphic Party.

GMA’s web correspondent, Anna Mae. Also an excellent small talk maker. 
I was on full-on vintage lace. 🙂

Claud in an awesome statement necklace for the 9:30 pm show yesterday.

Sassa Jimenez: flowy and edgy, lots of leather.

Yvonne Quisumbing: reiterating her comeback with embellishments and ambiguous pieces.
Metro’s Fashion Assistant Kwyn (we have been schoolmates, clubmates, and officemates at one point. Go figure).

Day 5: Izzuee dress with an embellished collar.
BTW, I have recently been using Instagram more often (I really am a hopeless bandwagon case). Follow me (@sentimentalstyle) for more inane everydayness! (Warning: I post LOTS of food pictures. Hehe)

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