Just A Concert

Operating on coffee right now, which I drank at 11:30pm against rightful logic. I just got home from Philippine Fashion Week’s opening show, but I need to plod through with this post – my Gaga-fied experience at the Born This Way Ball. 🙂 At the SM Arena, straight out of the box. She quite blew my mind.

The spankin’ new SM Arena at Mall of Asia. I got to watch the concert right at the Mosh Pit, which was exclusive for SMART subscribers yesterday. Neat-O!
Paws up.
Sorry guys, sequins was as “Gaga” as I could get on extremely short notice. All fresh pre-mosh.
An alien on a dark horse. Her opening number.
Born This Way. Amazing visuals, the entire show was full of theatrical goodness.
Two of her costumes were Terno-inspired!
More Pinoy Pride cheerin’ when Gaga announced that her lead guitarist (pictured) is a Filipino!
She likes to inject bits of her manifesto in between her songs, and to keep reiterating the message that she’s had it with hard knocks, but she never gave up, and now, she wants kids around the world to be saved from what she went through. I like her rhetoric. I read somewhere that the greatest leaders and humanity shakers have always had declarations of self-fulfilling prophecies. The people who have been remember as great – when they were alive, they’ve declared point-blank that they will be great.  Is Gaga the shaker of our time?
Her different outfits. Every performance was distinct. It is impossible to stop watching because you don’t want to miss the next “surprise.”


But that said, kids these days are the ultimate multi-taskers. The social media sphere was ALIVE that night. Phones were raised up in lieu of paws, recording and snapping and loading 140-character quotables from Gaga.



It was a big stage, and it was a true show. It was great being on the mosh pit, and feeling the people’s energy and admiration for Gaga bounce off and around the venue.


Love her or hate her, she has made her mark and she will be reckoned.
After the concert: dubious fangirling!


And a full outfit shot.

Of course, after I’ve ran out of super-kaduper photos to share, I need to answer the question of if I believe in what she stands for. Hmm… talking about Lady Gaga nowadays needs a smaller-size font disclaimer, because of the heat she has been getting from conservative institutions (never mind that ever since she has started, which is about 3-4 years from now already, she has always been like this. Nor is she the first, or the only musical artist to do so in recent years). So to make it pithy: I don’t necessarily think her lifestyle is exemplary. I don’t believe that she is the perfect role model for the youth.

And frankly, that’s what she wants us to think of her, even if she says that she doesn’t care.

But I admire her as an artiste – as a super talented, hardworking, three dimensional performer who knows the importance of packaging one’s self. There is something to be said about how she has managed to make millions of young people believe that she is like them, but that they can be like her as well! See the double standard there? What is it with Lady Gaga?

Now I’m gonna contradict myself and be anything but pithy. I wrote out some words about my two cents (it’s on a high exchange rate). I’d be happy if you’d care to read through them.

Here goes: rather than putting effort into calling her a spawn of the devil, we Christians and ye righteous who “understand better” can instead see Gaga as a challenge. She has her Little Monsters in the palm of her hand, because she represents for them acceptance. Yeah – and so what? Then we can all insist  against it that “God forgives!” right? But of course, we know the track record of religious authorities has not been squeaky clean regarding the forgiveness aspect. So of course that’s all “meh” to put it bluntly.

I wonder, how can we make God and Salvation more palatable to the youth? How can we connect with them in a more profound way, so that they can understand that beyond all the icons, heroes and “just-like-me” brands such as Gaga, Jesus was the one who got there first by becoming human and dying for us? That He will understand you as YOU, whoever  you are? And that He will REALLY be there for anyone and everyone, and that all you need is to connect with Him personally, just “You and I.” (see what I did there)? Regardless of what other marmy people say about you! (Just in case you got lost, this is Jesus I’m talking about and not Lady Gaga.)

I don’t think we should be insecure about Gaga, because the salvation message is so good and so convincing already anyway! That is, if it reaches everyone through the right channels. That’s right, Christians – we just have to work harder at speaking of it (by perhaps inserting a looong “preachy” paragraph in the middle of a concert blog post? Hehe).

And as for Gaga? We don’t need to protest or to ban her. The world would be such a boring place without her! I believe she is fun to watch, her and her fans. We just need to persuade as many as people as possible – herself included, who knows! – to see her, but to look into the right direction. There’s a difference.

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