Denim and PJs

Michael Antonio wedges, my mom’s denim blouse and department store boxers, Mint sunnies
color from The Color Shop

When you’re in a job that requires you to stand up, squat, stretch your arms awkwardly, and crawl on your feet (at least yesterday) for regular intervals, your attire should be as comfortable and functional as possible. That, and I will take any opportunity to pass off “pambahay” as work wear, with the defense that it’s an indoor shoot. There’s always that appeal of pairing something sturdy and mannish like denim with a bright, light, almost flimsy (it’s satin) bottom.
Took shots of today’s outfit at the terrace of our super secluded / posh shoot location (minus the tendon-tearing shoes of course – I had acquired them just minutes before Steph took these photos, long story). It was pretty nice to get to call out “that’s a wrap!” with the sun still out… tired but happy vibes. Posting these photos now to feel better, because afterwards I walked from Shaw boulevard to Megamall carrying a 7kg backpack and two brimming paper bags (not whilst in these shoes of course). Producer pains. And I’ll have to look all fresh and happy for my high school best friend’s wedding tomorrow. Go figure. Oh and I’d also have a script deadline before I could put on my dress for said wedding. It’s that kind of post – sorry for the oversharing, text and photo-wise. Anyway I’m tucking in early now (am I the only one who writes faster at 4am?). Oh wait… Skype…
MemaBTS lang.

2 thoughts on “Denim and PJs

  1. Krista! I looove the photos amazing 🙂 You're outfit is simple, definitely easy to wear for productions but I love it, the skirt adds a nice touch to it girl! 🙂

    The sun, indeed makes everything extra beautiful! 🙂 Mwuah!

    Melai of Style and Soul


  2. It's actually a pair of shorts but wow! And I agree – natural light is always the best! 🙂 I loved your last entry btw 🙂 sobrang real and inspiring lang ng declarations! 🙂 thank you! 🙂


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