Sweet Afternoon

A&F Shirt, My sister’s skirt, Flywear Sunnies, Rubi Sandals, Parisian Duffel, Forever 21 Beetle Ring
Especially when I’m in the mood: donuts > everything else. People have been known to woo me with a couple (or a box…) because I’m easy to please like that. I thought it was the same ones I had in Melaka but these ones turned out to be from an Indonesian company… anyway still pretty good. Mmm Green Tea donuts and Avocado shakes. It’s time for Manila to wake up to Asian flavors!
And then my new favorite pet aka this beetle that seems to have just nonchalantly decided to hug its legs around my finger… sounds gross but not really if you share the same childhood memories of playing with salagubang with your cousins on wan summer days. And if you really like anything kitschy in general as I do, whenever you feel that your outfit’s just a tad too normal and right.

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