Bed Weather

Rumpled Basics. 
Forever 21 coat, Topman shirt, SM shiny pants, Canvas slip ons from a stall in Eastwood
So, after weeks and weeks, my comeback post is a chill outfit for the library. Shiny leatherette pants with books? Why not? 🙂 I literally spent the entire day at CMC yesterday, to work on a final paper due today (academic writing is admittedly not one of my strengths but I managed to scrounge up 14 pages of, um, ramblings). Just one more journal for Thursday – and I’ve officially survived my first sem :). It’s been a super busy month, not really helped by major gadget breakdowns (my laptop battery, charger, and camera all broke down in a span of one week, seriously) as well as physical bad jujus (I’m recovering from flu and my doctor just told me this afternoon that the pain in my leg is from a pulled tendon – so I have to lay off heels for awhile. I ain’t no Victoria Beckham apparently). Anyway. Yes, so tired. But extremely satisfied.
In the weeks that I was absent, my camera was in servicing (I have some phone snaps which I’ll dig through tonight) and I was dead bent on making my “favorite” project for this sem – my final film for one of my classes, which you can find if you know where to look. Actually, don’t bother because I’m posting it in the succeeding entry. 🙂 I’m so happy – I spent time with gathering my pegs and ideas and my production designers really helped make the visuals come true. And I was able to work with my super awesome (not to mention sexy) friends – who needed only a 5-minute briefing on set to get the shots / emotions that I needed. Awesome, awesome, in awe and super thankful. All for You!
Anyway, this is a free night – the rest of the week and the coming summer is seriously gonna be dedicated to projects (I need to recover from all the gastos I did this month – and none of it was even related to anything fashion-y). I’m looking forward to summer! The beach! (despite the forecasts of a “wet” season) – and I’m being optimistic – free lalala time to sit in cafes, look at art, watch more more more movies, dig into the pending book pile, write in my little notebook, tick off the days until Ranie comes back, and sleep. Blissful sleep. The bed is calling.

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