So Much Closer

Death Cab For Cutie’s Manila concert – 03.05.11.
We lined up early.
The beautiful paranoid android.
Girls with cold legs.
Soul Meets Body.
All photos by me. Please link back if reposting.
One of the guys I watched with (I’m sure it was Franco) made a joke back in college that if people were to attend a DCFC concert, everyone would be crying instead of screaming their lungs out. I think that was what we were bracing ourselves for too, but we clearly underestimated our Pinoy sensibilities (and that of the crowd too). While the band played out their set list (all the good old songs including the “I Will”s and some new tracks from Codes and Keys), everyone was singing along, calling out for their favorites, jumping up and down out of the sheer exhilaration of being within a 200-meter radius of Ben Gibbard. Or something like that. I guess they were not expecting it. I guess we were not expecting it, but it was all so good. To be mushily moved and to be awesomely excited at the same time. Thank you Death Cab!


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