Tuned In

My kind of night out is listening to good music 🙂 So I had to be there when Indie Fridays was officially launched last February 24 at Ponti.

The Walkie Talkies! So good. They sang several medleys and an original composition. I hope they make it big in the OPM industry soon!
I literally brought a gang (a van load, I kid you not). It was just supposed to be my brother (and his camera!), but we ended up being joined by his entire barkada. And I’m a cool Ate like that. Just kidding 🙂
I like how my brothers’ photos turned out (he used a really neat flash). I also liked how my hair turned out (It’s only my second time to try curling my hair by myself. Ever). Someone in Kuala Lumpur really liked it too (hehe). I think I’m a curly haired girl trapped in a straight haired girl’s body!
But most of all, I liked how the night was filled with promise and good praises for the acts who performed – The Romcoms, Reese and Vica (and Dae), The Slinks, and The Walkie Talkies. Hopefully the turnout gets stronger over time!
The people in front: Aisa, Patrick of Ponti, Heidi, the host DJ Boom, Mark of Manels, and Reg
Free shots courtesy of Patrick!
Melai! Grabe ang dami mo nang hosting gigs. Naks. 🙂 I kept SMSing her to ask how the event was going. We arrived 10:30 – I thought we were gonna be horribly late but we were actually just in time.
Eto na – the Bro Posse. I.e. my brother’s friends. A group of dudes in an event organized by fasheeen blogerrz. Who knew? Those are obligatory “stud” faces for the camera but I was actually surprised to see later on that these guys enjoyed the music. They’re the very mushy, comfortable-with-their-identities sort of kids.

New face = Bianca. She and Heidi are also my brother’s pals. Obligatory shot with Raleene and Camille Co!

Logistical outfit post fail but this will have to do. The only different thing are the shorts (pambahays, I kid you not because I spotted them being sold beside a xerox machine in UP mwahahahaha), and the wedges from Primadonna – I’ve been wearing these straight for two days (including a client presentation the day before) – and no peep of blister or pain. When I pass them by on my little shoe rack, I pause for five seconds and stare at them, fondly, gratefully. 🙂

Ganda girls.

I knew that these boys would have a good time. Haha.

Pretty mug shots! Hire niyo na si Paolo for events! Hehe.

Instant fan boys of Reese and Vica!

OK, fan girls din 🙂

We went home pretty late – I was with boys, so you could imagine that after 2 hours of nothing but a shaker and a pitcher to share they’d all be pretty famished so we had some chow at Eastwood. Thank you Bloggers United for letting me know about this event! I really like attending steady gigs. More power to BU, Ponti, and all the bands!

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