Postcards from Singapore: Sidetrip

A 12-hour run to see the sights around Singapura:
Wandering at 5am
Waiting for sunrise. The store manager overheard us talking in Filipino, turned out to be a kababayan, and promptly gave us two tall mugs of coffee. ♥
The beginning of many train rides of this day
I’m sharing some of my favorite architecture snaps and some obligatory “landmark” poses. I do have one photo each with the more popular ones like the Universal Studies globe, the merlion, et al… but they’re mostly shots where I either look like I’m photo-bombing a bunch of other tourists or it all seems identical, and then there’s the insecurity of knowing you don’t care anymore because you’ve had a picture taken there yourself / you’ve seen it somewhere else, so anyway I’m ending this really unnecessarily lengthy caption.
Not a good day to be agliophobic I guess.
Art on underpass tunnels – impressed. Changi airport – even more impressed (unfortunately in the pictures I’m pretending / actually crying so I’ll spare you from that)
This was my last day before I flew back to Manila, arrived at 2am, unpacked, took a nap, then went to class five hours later. I wrote at more length about this trip on the Tumblr.
At this point I’m pretty alarmed with the amount of time I’ve been devoting to creating posts these past four days… meaning I sort of have to drag myself away from this again. Hope you did enjoy everything, though!

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